Quality assurance training in software testing in chennai

Quality assurance training in software testing in chennai is the integral part of software development. All the companies will be working very hard in developing and deploy with excellent performance. It is an application based on the customer’s specification with basic requirements of a business. It may also ruin the customer’s process in business as well as in developing company. Software testing is mainly a World Quality Report in investing more than testing and with quality assurance scheme with the need of customer expectations. We will be increasing with the future professionals of Software testing with positive note. Students who are looking for software testing can join here in Chennai at Think IT.


  • Low quality system with effective performance and with simple issues will get negative responsive from the end users.
  • Competition with mobile apps development and software development will be massive. Competitors are more and the product will get more advantages continuously.
  • It develops with new application and more cost will be given. The software industry does not meet any customer specification that leads to revenue loss.
  • Software quality assurance can be amalgamated along with the development of software life cycle.
  • Identify bugs and all other issues are with performance. All the development will be decreased with the development cost.


  • Independent testing vs. in-house
  • Cloud testing
  • Mobile testing and
  • Agile testing


It is mainly based on quality word report. It has the efficient software development companies used for functional testing. It integrates with business development from the start.

Independent testers are the third party company in testing. All the application done here will be completed under the test that is validated by leading software testers. It is to identify the functional issues and performance. It mainly includes manual and automation testing that become an incontrovertible part in software development.


It is the second big thing in the IT industry. The usage of cloud technology keeps on increasing along with the demand of cloud testing will be increasing. Professionals of cloud testing will pay attention in the following factors,

  • Stress testing
  • Bandwidth testing
  • Consonance testing
  • Latency testing and
  • Performance and Load testing


It is the boost for testing field. Mobile users have become advanced and success with an app and also validated. Quality report will be more than 55% mobile app development companies by carrying mobile app testing. It is going to be the business future and target the users in marketing the products and services. As per the recent survey mobile development is increased to 48% of mobile app testers. It also increases the career prospects with the talented professionals.


It is followed in software development industry as it becomes most important process with software development industry. It is primarily integrated with the life cycle of development.

  • Testing and development training will be followed continuously with the entire development of expense and time.
  • Software testing professionals have full members for development team.
  • Coding and testing can be done at the consistent basis in determining the software application performance and with functionality.
  • Automation testing covers only the important phase in testing process.

We are one of the best software training institutes in Chennai. Make your dreams true by joining Software testing Training institutes in Chennai. We offer professional software testing courses like selenium training, QTP training, manual testing and load runner training by leading and experienced professionals as per the industry standards.

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