Is JAVA Necessary for Learning HADOOP


Yes, True Hadoop is built over Java. But you need not to be an well wised Java Programmer in order to work on Hadoop. There are two main Hadoop components endorse that Hadoop can be worked without the aid of Java Knowledge – Hive and Pig

Pig is one of the High level Language and a kind of data flow language. It is an execution framework for the purpose of Parallel computation, and Hive is a kind of Data warehousing infrastructure that delivers  ad- hoc querying and data summarization. Pig is most widely used by the programmers and researchers and in the case of Hive , it  is widely used by the Data Analysts

10 lines of pig = 200 lines of Java

To Navigate from JAVA to pig and Hive the only thing that need to know is Pig Latin and HQL- Hive Query Language.These two need SQL base. The Pig latin is most similar to Structured Query Language (SQL). These two languages are very easy to learn and more than 80% of overall Hadoop Projects are done with the help of Pig and Hive.

Future Careers in Hadoop

Hadoop is an Poster boy of the Big Data. With the ability of storing a huge amount of Data including structured and unstructured data. hadoop is on the top of the each and every CIO’s  to perform its list.  In order to learn Hadoop without the Knowledge of Java ,you need to be an expert in the major two critical aspects of Hadoop those are, processing and Storage. A Job around Hadoop Storage deals with how the Hadoop Cluster functions and how the data are maintained in a secure and in a stable manner. It deals with HDFS –  Hadoop Distributed File Systems and HBase – hadoop Distributed Database. If you are preferring to work on processing area you need to have an idea about Hive and Pig, this automatically converts to Java Based MapReduce Clustering Program Model. So , without the aid of MapReduce , the entire life cycle process can be controlled, As long as you are an expert in Hive and Pig. If you wish the user defined functions to pig you can add Java coding. This will be needed only you need a custom input and output formats.

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