7 SEO [Search Engine Optimization] Trends that will “Dominate the Web” in 2016


2016 SEO Trends

Nowadays business are focusing to make Large Investments in Digital Marketing world and creating a diverse content, all the search engines are totally shifting their whole focus from content and concentrating fully on usability across the whole devices.  

This is not enough for an Industry or an Organization to rely on its total website presence to deliver deals and promote total sales.

Website Activities and all kind of digital presence across all kind of platforms that become the norms, this will not a guaranteed one that you will be standing as an unique one across your competitor. To stay on the top of Search engine results and make preparations for the next large Digital opportunity, you have to know all the Search Engine optimizationSEO trends.

  • Mobile Search – Important Aspects
  • Intention – Not Keywords – will Drive your Search
  • Voice Search will be Compete with the Text Searches
  • Shifting to CRO- Conversion Rate optimization
  • High Interactive Contents will Rule Everything
  • More Content – More Effectiveness
  • Local SEO – More Competitive


 1. Mobile Search – Important Aspects


       Mobile Clicks Beats Desktop Clicks So it’s time to move on “Mobile SEO”


Image Credits:Marketing Land

Already Mobile Search are in pair with Desktop Searches in the kind of search volumes, and this kind of trend will only perform the function of acceleration. In fact, desktops will be surpassed by the mobile devices. The recent updates of mobile browser capacities,more faster networks  and all kind of websites that are embracing mobile friendly designs.The future is made by mobile devices so,called as native application look bleak

This kind of trend increase from a year, the  mobile website is referred as web in a general form. A large number of websites  will be designed for all the mobile. Those are not an mobile optimized will be an irrelevant one. A mobile friendly one is already a Google’s Search engine algorithm and it will become an minimum search engine criteria.


2.  Intention – Not Keywords – will Drive your Search:



Matt Cutts Tweet about Exact Match Keywords

Image Credits:Twitter

searching for an exact keywords are no longer,  finding for a relevant keyword will no longer a dependent one.  From your interactions with web, all the search engines can assess you all the corresponding intention helping in providing the needed and most relevant results. All the searches will become more intuitive, this will save a large time.


3.Voice Search will be Compete with the Text Searches:


Although the voice searches is still a new range of kid on block in the Corresponding Search Engines space, it gained large momentum of thanks to the mobile devices and helps in rising a mobile website beating. Since voice search will be a popular one as the end users can ask a question and they can get an answer immediately.

Google is planning to add its voice search feature soon.This will be very much helpful in increasing the searches in web as faster. This Change will have an big impact on the end users.

Some Sample Voice Search Keywords Are


Image Credits:Extra Digital

4. Shifting to CRO – Conversion Rate optimization:


CRO –  Conversion Rate Optimization will get more attention from the users if a huge number of users are staying for a long one and the online doesn’t reflecting on the business conversions.   A large number of users accessing the web pages over mobile devices and opening a page without having any actions. Here, there is an huge range difference between the conversion rate and the traffic volumes. Also visit our SEO Tips for more information.

Naturally , all the CRO- Conversion rate Optimization will be an useful one to get session data, and helping in tracking the users and the events. With the results of producing very high CRO – will promote suitable Search engine Optimization  – SEO Plans.

The below info-graphic will explain to how to do CRO for a website


Image Credits:Insider Income System

5. High Interactive Contents will Rule Everything:


Interactive in the sense it not only focusing on Quiz but also on some contents that are delivering the user response.     


Image Credits:Backlinko

6.More Content – More Effectiveness:

A short range of contents that are are delivering only a few sort of information’s  is being more difficult to rank in all the corresponding Search Engines. For a situation, an article between 1,200 to 1,500 will get a better ranking in search results.  For an Example, a content with  

  •       Images
  •       Info-graphics
  •       Video
  •       Animation

will have more results in search engine and will drive traffic . If this trends follows diverse and longer contents will be more effective.

Lengthy Content Gets Good Position in SERP


 Image Credits:Backlinko


7. Local SEO – More Competitive:

Local SEO plays an vital role in Search engine results helping in

  • Driving website traffics
  • Tap the opportunity of the website to produce a positive output

Locations will play a vital role in the search engines, and adding more trends , recent update of Google’s Pigeon will deals with how the locations will provide a path for the key determinations of the search results.

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