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What is CCNA?

Cisco Certificate Networking Associate, a popular highly touted after IT certification developed by cisco system. An CCNA Certificate can help you to get your first networking Job or to help with your career progression if you’re currently work in the IT field and you will learn how to configure IP and CCNA routing and switching.


To, learn CCNA you must have the ability to install, configure, operate system and troubleshooting medium size route and switch networks, include implementation of wireless concepts and remote site WAN. Our CCNA training centers chennai is one of the best CCNA training in chennai,


Pre-Requisites for Learning CCNA 
  • Need to know basic details of networking , protocols and frameworks
  • Must know about knowledge of windows OS
  • Completing any computer course degree whether pursuing the degree
  • Lol, you don’t have any knowledge in above technologies, no worries we will teach you. 🙂


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Cisco Routing

Router is a networking device that connected to at least two networks commonly like LAN or WAN and ISP networks router placed gateway places where two or more networks connected it router used a headlining forwarding tables and the best path for forward the data packets.


Cisco Switching

Switch is an filter and packets between the LAN segment that operate the data link layer and network layer in an OSI model and support any packet protocol. Switch used to join segment, to learn CCNA security training in chennai join with us.


Who Should Prefer CCNA Training in Chennai
  • Experience in network implementing service
  • All specialists can overhead in this course
  • Expertise in cabling standards
  • Basic Degree Qualification
  • Telecommunication authorized persons

CCNA Training Duration

Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours


Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks


Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks


Why you Decide on THINKIT in CCNA Training Institute Chennai
  • IP Service to meet networking requirement
  • Configure and verify Cisco router and switch
  • Troubleshoot cisco routers and switches
  • Implementation of Network Address Translation
  • Course charge will be admitted in installment basis too


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What to Consider After Passing CCNA?
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Internet Protocol (IP) Data Network
  • Understanding the operations of data network.
  • How know purpose and function of networking devices
  • To able select the component to meet specified network requirements.
  • certain application can impact networking performances.
  • Protocol scope operation on both OSI and TCP/IP
  • data flow host on networks
  • To choose most appropriate cable like, media cables, ports.


LAN (Local Area Network) and Switching
  • Understanding MAC address and methods of ethernet
  • Basics of switching concept and the operations of switching technique.
  • Configuring & verify switching configuration and including remote accessing management.
  • verify network and switching operations using basic utility like ping,telnet and Secure SHell


Concept of Route Summarization
  • Understanding route concept summarization
  • Summarization of winnipeg’s routes,vancouver’s route
  • Summarization edmonton’s routes, route flapping technique


IP Addressing (IPV4 and IPV6)
  • Concepts of IP Address
  • need for public & private addressing for IPv4.
  • Understanding IPv6 address.
  • To appropriate IPv6&v4 address scheme for LAN/WAN environment.


IP Routing
  • Understanding the basic routing concepts.
  • Understanding the boot process of a Cisco router.
  • verify the basic router configure using the command line interface.
  • verify both serial and Ethernet interface.
  • verify the network connectivity router.


IP Services
  • How to configure and verify DHCP on a Cisco router.
  • Understand the features and applications of each type of ACL.
  • To configure and verify ACL.
  • Basic operation of NAT.
  • Verify NAT based on a set of networking requirement.
  • Recognize high availability FHRP.
  • configure verify Syslog


Network Device Security
  • How to configure & verify device security features.
  • To configure & verify switch port security feature.
  • Configuring & verify ACLs for filtering network traffic.
  • telnet and SSH access to a router by configuring ACL.


  • correct common issues concerning IP addressing and host configuration.
  • Utilize netflow and monitor data.
  • Troubleshooting and fix spanning tree operation.
  • How to resolving router issues, including OSPF, and EIGRP.
  • Troubleshoot and correct VLAN problems.
  • How to resolve switch trunking issues.
  • How to fix ACL problems


  • To identify different WAN technologies
  • Frame Relay
  • VSAT
  • Cellular 3G &4G
  • configure & verify serial WAN connection.
  • configure the frame Relays on Cisco router including verification.
  • Configuring PPPoE,all course covered ccna certification chennai


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