Are you interested in creating Instant Success with Digital Marketing – We have solution with our Growth Hacking Course

Thinkit Training proudly presents Growth Hacking Training in Chennai. 100% practical training with appropriate real-time practices and case studies. The best Growth Hacking Certification in Chennai which helps to create digital marketing expert or run a successive business art.


It’s a strategy of driving the quality traffic to the website. And it’s objective is to about driving more number of people towards us instead of traditional marketing by implementing brand popularity and so on.


Growth Hacker is a person who is working for increasing the number of users for a services or products itself. So it could be better for choosing with Growth hacking course in chennai from a digital marketing leader


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Growth Hacking Training Duration


Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening


  • Time Duration : 45 hours


Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays


  • Time Duration : 9 weeks


Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)


  • Time Duration : 2 weeks


What you are going to benefit from Growth Hacking Course in Chennai

By involving with our interactive classes you are going to beneficial supports like

  • Expertise in Growth Hacking
  • Ridiculous solution from A/B test which results much better
  • Which inspires you to be an entrepreneur and successive marketer
  • Overcoming Sticking points which could help you to grow in business Experts Guidance helps you to avoid the biggest pitfalls
  • Capability to care under various stage of Customer Life Cycle
  • Strong knowledge on A2R2 (Attract, Activate, Retain, Reap) growth hacking framework for customer acquisition


Important skills or prerequisites to attain Growth Hacking Course in Chennai

Statistics Knowledge

Much essential part of any business comes from data-driven approaches. Basic knowledge of statistical report would help the growth marketer to become more effective



A well-versed data helps and also determine your future actions. Tools like  Google Analytics and Mixpanel helps to grasp more data at your fingertip


A/B Testing

By analyzing with the A/B testing a good marketer can lead the conversions and better understanding of target customers



Most thing to achieve more things should behind Creativity. The ability to think outside of conventional box


Problem Solving

Actually, Growth Hacker is a problem solver. As for any problem, there will be no more problem at the end of the objective.


Growth Hacking Online Course

A growth hacking established for getting more number of business opportunities. It is not better than a traditional marketing. So we are providing the Growth Hacking Online Course especially for the working professionals or from a different locality.


Every strategy, every tactic and also any initiative is attempted in the evolvement of business growth will be done with the simple implementation of growth hacker instead of Traditional Marketing. And please make sure that growth hacker is not a replacement for a traditional marketer. It’s like a key to digital marketing success. Thus you may learn hacking online through our portals.


Our Growth Hacking Sessions will involve number of tools, methods, tools and also best practices.

Course Syllabus from our Growth Hacking Training in Chennai

Course Content


Basics and Attraction Hacks

  • Roles and Responsibilities for a Hacker
  • Growth Hacking Funnel
  • Attraction Hacks
  • Channel and Multichannel Targeting
  • Attraction Hacks Tools



Activation Hacks

  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Case Study Activation Hack
  • Creating Plan to attract more visitors




  • Product Discovery and Elimination
  • Case Studies
  • Activation Hack Tools
  • User Curation Techniques
  • Creating Plan for Retaining Customers




  • Viral Campaigns
  • Products Promotions
  • Case Studies
  • Amplification Process
  • Setup and Measuring Status
  • Creating Virality Plan


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