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Informatica Training

Informatica Training Covers
Informatica Certified Associate
Informatica Certified Professional and Informatica Certified Expert – Topics.
All these important benefits included in Informatica Training Provided by ThinkIT Training. By Learning this you will
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After Completion of Informatica Training
you can do the following Courses :
Informatica 9.x PowerCenter Administration
Informatica PowerCenter 9.x Level I Developer
Informatica PowerCenter 9.x Level II Developer
Informatica Powercenter (IDQ)
Informatica Power Center Level 1
Informatica Powercenter L12 / L1
Informatica Powercenter L2
Hadoop Dev
Salient Features
  • Provides Study Materials of your Course Freely
  • Software Needed for your Course provide Freely
  • Provides Video Tutorial about your course
  • Oracle Certification of this Course
  • Database sets which are Needed for your Course
  • Step by step procedure for installation
  • Programing codes of your project
  • Attractive Resume Preparation Method
  • Interview Basis Question and Answer
  • Support After Completion of the Course
  • Instalment Fee Paying Opportunity
  • Support Individual Persons
Topics Covered
  • Introduction to Informatica Data
  • Creating Repository Services
  • Creating Workflow
  • ETL Tools
  • Features of Debugger
  • Operations of Implementation
  • Working with Transformation
  • Basics of Lookup
  • Working with Mapping
  • Routers Structure and Principles
  • Targets
  • Informatica Latest Features


Prerequisites for Informatica Training in Chennai

  • Data Warehousing Concepts
  • Good to know about SQL
  • Some data storage system
  • Lol, you don’t have any knowledge in above technologies, no worries we will teach you. ๐Ÿ™‚


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What is ETL?

ETL remains for Extraction, Transformation and Load. It is the procedure of exchanging heterogeneous information from diverse sources to target framework called as information distribution center according to the business prerequisites for distinctive reason like administration reporting, information examination and so on.


Why do we need ETL tools?

The organization has more than 100+ years of history & vicinity in every one of the businesses. Over these years organization’s administration style has been changed from accounting to SAP. This move was not a solitary day move.


Eligibility for Informatica Training at THINK IT Institute

Following candidates are eligible to attend Informatica course in our Informatica Training institute in Chennai with free demo class

  • Computer Science background and all IT professional.
  • Software developers
  • Analytics professional
  • Mainframe developer & architect
  • Preferable Oracle SQL Knowledge.
  • Business Intelligence.


Informatica Training Duration

Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours


Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks


Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks


Why Choose Best Informatica Training Institute in chennai
  • Affordable course fees at informatica training in chennai.
  • We covers Business intelligence of course is valuable in Informatica training.
  • We provided Informatica Tutorial classes are by Informatica training in chennai.


Informatica Useful Resources
How to Download and Install Informatica on Windows?
Calculate Your Informatica Job Position Salary Here
Scope of Informatica Tool
Informatica 100 Interview Questions
Introduction to Informatica Data
  • Introduction and Overview of Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL).
  • Define Informatica Basics Data Warehouse.
  • How Data Source Systems works.
  • Advanced Staging Strategies of data.
  • What are the Facts of Data Warehouse.
  • Define Data Integration.
  • Importance of Server and Maintenance.
  • Importance of Administration Control.
  • Define Security and Privileges.
  • Data Sharing, searching and locking.


ETL Tools
  • Importance and source of Object Definition.
  • Resource elements of Target Types.
  • What are the Properties of Extract and Loading Process.
  • Basics and Detail of Transformation.
  • Features and Expression from ETL.
  • Functions and Data Types of Informatica concept.


Creating Repository Services
  • How to Run Informatica Services.
  • How works Administration Console.
  • Creating Integration Services.
  • Creating a Folder in Repository.


Working with Mapping
  • Define and Explain Mapping Development.
  • What is Mapping Components.
  • Oracle SQL server concept.
  • Validation of Mapping and Mapplet.
  • Why use Data flow rules and Source.
  • How to Import and Export Concept of Objects.


Creating Workflow
  • Creating Basics Workflow Manager.
  • Structure and Configuration of Workflow.
  • Tools and Tasks.
  • Layout and Properties.
  • Session Properties.


Features of Debugger
  • Debugger the application.
  • Windows and Features.
  • Tips and Filter of Debugger.


Working with Transformation
  • Define and Importance of Joiner and Aggregation.
  • What are the joiner types in joiner transformation.
  • Properties of transformation.
  • Importance of Joiner and Nested joins.


Basics of Lookup
  • Define Sorter and Lookup.
  • How to Principles of Lookup handling.
  • Understand the Session Properties of Sorter.
  • Various Techniques of lookup cache.
  • Lookup cache.


Operations of Implementation
  • Indicators and Loading Operations.
  • How Handling Operations works.
  • Types of Strategy Expressions.


#MODULE – 10
Routers Structure and Principles
  • How Transformation a Router.
  • What are the Groups of Router.
  • Various functions of Parameters and Variables.
  • Define Mapping parameters.
  • Types of Variable Functions in Router.


#MODULE – 11
  • Types of Targets.
  • Tasks and Control used in Target.
  • Procedure of Worklet and Mapplet.
  • Step process of Event Raise and Event wait.


#MODULE – 12
Informatica Latest Features
  • Informatica 9.1 overview
  • What are the New updates of Informatica technology.


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