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JAVA, a programming language is widely used to develop web applications. This language is platform-independent and it can be accessed and run from any platform. The applications or platform developed using JAVA can be used for various devices like smartphones, computers, laptops, media player, car navigation systems and others. Besides JAVA also has many open source libraries, which makes development process effective at reduced costs.


Reasons to Learn JAVA Programming:

Although every candidate attempting to take up their JAVA training programme have a fundamental knowledge of this certification, gaining an in-depth understanding is crucial to work firmly towards your career path. Here are a few valid reasons why you should choose JAVA training programme from Think IT:

  • Huge collection of libraries that JAVA has one of the major reasons that make it popular and preferred by many tech giants
  • It can be used widely in areas including desktop, web, embedded applications and others
  • JAVA serve as the first step towards learning any advanced and complex level languages
  • Candidate mastered in JAVA will find learning other languages like Ruby, Python, Machine Learning, Hadoop, Big Data analytics and others
  • Learning data structures will enable the programmer to gain a thorough insight into coding and logical flow of the programme while designing and developing
  • A skilled workforce of JAVA programming can efficiently implement the programming techniques and improve the results achieved


Key Benefits of JAVA Programming:
  • This is a highly secured open-source language
  • Features rich API, ranging from JSON and XML to Blockchain to Machine Learning
  • Java data structure will allow easy data processing
  • This is an independent platform, which is easy to access data anytime and from anywhere
  • Enable secured encrypted storage of confidential data
  • The unique data structure will help in drafting graphical models of any real-time problems


Why Should You Choose Think IT Java Certification Course?

Think IT specially designs the JAVA training courses, which suit present industry scenario and trends. We guarantee that our advanced level courses can make you become qualified for any higher job positions in top companies across the globe.

Here are a few factors that emphasize, why choose Think IT for JAVA training:

  • You will gain an in-depth knowledge of JAVA database, conditional statements, multi-threading, exception handling, loops, and others
  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of object-oriented programmes through using various JAVA concepts, like phrase XML files using DOM / SAX, Abstract and Final
  • Gain the skill to implement functions, string handling techniques, arrays, SOA using web services and DBC to communicate with database
  • You will gain an excellent exposure to various real-time projects
  • Gain international standard of JAVA training provided by industry experts
  • Become a JAVA expert through our continuous hands-on practice and real-time projects
  • Learn from highly experienced trainers, who are also skilled JAVA programmers
  • Our training will meet top fortune companies expectations
  • We provide JAVA coaching according to your interest and career objectives


Who can choose our JAVA Training?

You are never limited to your specific qualification to choose our JAVA training program. However, here follow a group of candidates who can benefit major from our advanced level JAVA programming:

  • Fresher
  • JAVA developers
  • Programmers
  • Web developers / designers
  • Database administrators
  • Programming hobbyists and other professionals


JAVA Training in Chennai

Java Training Covers
Core Java,J2ee,
Java Struts, Java Hibernate and Springs Training. – Topics.
All these five courses combine as one course which will
brings you a job within 100 days
You can attend these certifications after
Completing the Java Training.
Sun Certified Java Developer(SCJD)
Sun Certified Java Associate(SCJA)
Sun Certified Java Programmer(SCJP)
Sun Certified Web Component Developer(SCWCD)
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect(SCEA)
Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer(SCMAD)
Sun Certified Web and business component Developer(SCWCD)
Sailent Features
  • Builds the dynamic web application
  • Perform the javascript frameworks
  • Affordable price
  • Average students also getting placement in right way.
  • Clear explanation by Programming experts
  • Done the real time projects
  • Clarification coding doubts
  • How to install and configure the software
  • Providing technical supports for students
  • Guidance for getting placement
  • Helps to execute their own projects
  • Strong theoretical and practical
Topics Covered
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java Classes
  • Exception Handling with try-throw-catch
  • Inheritance
  • Generics,assertions
  • Method overloading and overriding
  • Threads, Servlet & Applets
  • Constructors and Interfaces
  • Socket programming, Synchronization
  • Data Connectivity with JDBC
  • Java API Support, RMI
  • EJB Projects, JSP
  • Javabeans and netbeans


If you have chosen to aspire JAVA training at Think IT, then you have taken the right decision towards your career path. With the increasing requirement for JAVA specialists by top companies across the world, our certification can certainly create a wonderful opportunity for our candidates to get good placements as you desire. Besides you can also expect excellent salary packages.


Think IT takes the opportunity to exhibit us as a reputable and reliable JAVA Training institution in Chennai to provide quality coaching. You will certainly experience the professionalism in our training along-side improve your overall knowledge and skills in JAVA programming


What Will You Learn from our JAVA Programming Training?

Here is a quick glance at what you will learn from our JAVA training program. However, for further details, you can contact our support team anytime and get a better idea about the courses offered and customized curriculum.

  • Core JAVA 7, 8, 9 Basics / JAVA Advanced
  • OOPS concepts / Looping and Arrays
  • Struts / Spring framework
  • Data Structures
  • JSP / JSF / J2EE
  • Servlet / Hibernate
  • JAVA I/O
  • JAVA Threads / JAVA Beans
  • JAVA Networking
  • EJB – Enterprise JAVA Beans components / implementation / Types
  • Stateful session beans / Stateless session beans
  • Client-server interaction via sockets
  • Remote method invocation


Besides these curriculum covered in our JAVA coaching, we also engage our candidates in live projects to work in a real-time environment. This will certainly help every candidate gain a complete knowledge about how to handle any complexities or challenges in JAVA programming or platform after employed in a company.


Our Training Videos Reviews
Think IT Training Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.

We provide both foundation and advanced JAVA courses to suit the requirements of both fresher and professionals who are already employed but seek extra knowledge of latest JAVA programming. Undeniably, our specially designed curriculum to suit the present industry scenario will give you a revolutionary learning experience from Think IT.


Think IT takes all efforts to make our JAVA classes highly interactive, which is crucial to enhance the interest of every candidate present. Our faculty pay individual attention to every candidate aspiring JAVA language training and ensure that every module is clear to you and you have gained a good knowledge from our coaching class.


To make our training classes feasible for all candidates, no matter you are a student or a working professional, you are absolutely flexible to choose the timing according to your convenience. We provide JAVA coaching on weekday, weekend and also conduct fast-track classes periodically.


Think IT welcomes you to customize and choose your required JAVA coaching classes according to your profession or career requirements.

We are available round the clock to provide you with essential details and information regarding choosing the basic and advanced level coaching classes in JAVA Programming. You will certainly get complete assistance and consultation from our expert team. Our faculties will also take extra efforts to guide you choose the right JAVA training program as you aspire.

Java Training Duration in chennai

Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours


Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks


Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks



Why choosing Thinkit training for Java course in chennai
  • Our institute offers real time project experience by learning Java
  • The syllabuses are updated with industry based
  • Excellent lab facilities are available with LCD systems
  • Placement training provided by our MNC qualified experts


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