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Jira is a tool which is developed the popular organisation.Think ITprovides the Best JIRA Training in chennai to demonstrate the bug. This is abug related softwareand the also include the mobile application. It will also used to obtain the project management. This JIRA dashboard will consist of more useful function and the features are used to handle the the technical issue in a easy way. It isused for Project management, Bug tracking and issue Tracking. JIRA is actually receive from the word Godzilla. We designed our course by ourexperienced professionalshaving more knowledge in this domain. It is used by the software developer to improve the quality and produced the developing speed while coding. Working process of software development or Testingthat will make a aware how to use JIRA effectively. If you want to develop your course in this competitive world, We will help you indevelop your career skillsin this It market.


  • JIRA – Introduction
  • JIRA – Dashboard
  • JIRA – Portal Management


Creation of Jira Issue
  • Optional Fields
  • Required Fields


Finding Issues
  • Filters
  • Issue Navigator


Modifying An Existing Jira Issue
  • Moving Issues
  • Watching Issues
  • Logging Work
  • Cloning issues
  • Linking Issues
  • Issue Comments
  • Editing Issues
  • Attaching files and screenshots
  • Sub-tasks


Jira Integration
  • Using the jiraissues macro
  • Direct Links


Questions About Jira
Advanced Topics – Administration
  • Custom Fields
  • Administering a Project


What is JIRA?

JIRAis aweb based task tracking, issue tracking and project management software solution. It can becustomised with the various fieldand the workflow is used to manage the user, project and multiple projects. The main feature is to apply many ideas and such strategies which has been implemented by the users.

Experts offering JIRA Online Training in chennai

JIRA testing tool Training in chennaiis purely delivered by our experts having more knowledge in this industry. Our experts will tell you what is JIRA? and will also establish the benefits of attaining the course details.JIRA bug tracking techniquewill also assured by ourexperts of more knowledge. Our trainers will give you a real time project example with clear description of the course. JIRA Training material will be given to you with free of cost. Excellent real-time training is given to you by our experts. Think IT provides JIRA online Training in chennai.


Learn JIRA Testing Tool Training in chennai by our industry experts

JIRA Bug Tracking training is given to you by our experienced professionals having more knowledge.Think ITwill offers100% Placement assurancewith good facility. JIRA Training videos will give you a clear view of explaining the course with deep description. Our Trainers are well experienced and they working in top IT companies with real time projects. Our classrooms are fullyfurnished with LCD systemsandprojectorswhich will help you in understanding the concepts in a better way. It provides an easy track issue, whichallow the user to access easilywith the central location. It focus of the achievement task, and can be accomplished with the feature technique. It is the smart campaign for all the project manager. Manage the JIRA track to produced the projects of its components.JIRA Training in chennaiwill provide all the advanced JIRA training material for your easy reference.


JIRA Concepts

  • Issue-Every task is used to create and track through JIRA is considered as an issue
  • Project– Collection of issues
  • Workflow– This is a simple series consist of simple steps and issues and it goes through the starting stage from the creation till the completion level


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