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The major reason why Python is used is to increase the software quality and the productivity of the developer. Python is used in various domains including database, web programming, internet scripting, scientific programming, numeric, gaming and many others. This is known as the general purpose language, with huge technical strength. This language is easy to use, and has better readability.


The Python code can be securely shipped on the web, as the execution involves Python Virtual Machine. Python can also communicate with various other parts of an application by integrating components. Compared to any other scripting languages, Python features easy operation. These codes are equal to 1/3rd and 1/5th of C++, C and Java programs when taken in a number of lines. It can effectively reuse garbage collections with its powerful memory.


Python also supports various objects like tuples, string, dictionary, numbers, and list to store the data and perform any activities on the stored data.


Why is Python widely used?

Here are a few reasons that favor the uses of Python;

  • It is easy to learn
  • It is easy to use for programming
  • It helps to create apps, which can manage heavy traffic without any problems
  • It helps developers to add more features in an app in an easy way
  • It is useful for the companies to cut down development costs hugely
  • It is useful for the organizations to reach everyone as targeted


Python Training at Think IT:

Think IT functions as a popular Python training center in Chennai. With over thousands of successful candidates from our institute now placed in top companies and good job positions, we pride exhibiting ourselves as a vibrant team of professionals and faculties providing the best Python training in Chennai. We present the training program as a mixture of theoretical and practical classes, which is an effective way to grasp and understand the technology.


Our Python training program is designed to help candidates right from fresher to the industry professionals who are employed in good job positions, yet seek some extra and advanced knowledge about Python to excel in their career.


Our curriculum is designed to suit the varying expectations of the candidates. Therefore, right from basic level of courses to the advanced one, you are absolutely flexible to choose your Python courses.



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Our support executives are readily available to assist you and provide the consultation to help you understand the available courses, curriculum and select the right one by customizing according to your career focus.


Our Python certification will certainly make you become a skilled professional to handle any current market challenges, especially in the real-time project you are engaged in.


Python Course Curriculum – What Will You Learn?

Think IT ensures that our Python course curriculum consists of everything essential for a candidate to learn and know to excel in his/her career. With this focus, we have designed our course with the following content;

  • Introduction and Execution steps
  • Memory management / garbage collections
  • Data type / operations
  • Statements and syntax
  • File operations / Functions
  • Exception handling
  • Roadmap
  • Standard library modules / advanced concepts and more


Why Choose Think IT for Python Training?

Think IT has many reasonable reasons to state why you choose us. Among numbers of competitive institutions in Chennai striving hard to provide various Python training program, we still have best reasons to say that our institution is outstanding.

Here are a few reasons that may help you know better about us:

  • Training from the industry expert faculties, who are also working professionals with present knowledge about Python
  • Highly affordable course cost, which you will find it to be reasonable and competitive
  • Flexible to customize the course program according to your requirements and career goals
  • Consultation with our faculties or support executives to help you choose the right course that suit your expectations
  • Consultation by the end of course on job placements and prepare you for the real-time project handling
  • Enormous hands-on practice with real-time scenario
  • Enormous hands-on practice with real-time scenario
  • Up-to-date study curriculum to help you become knowledgeable about what is happening and required in the present industry both job market and Python industry
  • Training can be scheduled on weekends or weekdays according to your request
  • We also offer online training program to ease the request of candidates from distant location
  • Special training program for the employees in corporate companies


Microsoft-sharepoint duration training in chennai
Regular classes ( Duration : 45 hours)
  • Forenoon
  • Day time
  • Evening


Weekend classes ( Duration : 45 hours) 
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Holidays


Fastrack Programming Class 
  • Every day 5+ hours


Python Course Objective

Here are the main objectives of our course curriculum designed for Python Training:

  • You will master in both basic and advanced level programming in Python
  • Get a clear understanding and wide knowledge in python Scripts on UNIX and Windows environment
  • Become familiar with Python Editors and IDEs
  • Master using and creating the functions in Python
  • Become proficient in handling the Python files
  • Effectively perform string manipulations
  • Master working with various packages
  • Understand completely about Django framework


Think IT takes the pride in continuously providing the best and outstanding training program in Python. Our certification is hugely recognized by the employers, which will also pull their attention on our candidates to get employed in good job positions. Indeed, you can expect to get job placement with excellent salary packages at global level from Fortune Companies.


Our successful track record and continuous production of Python skilled professionals from our Think IT institution will state our quality and performance. We support in every aspect of helping our candidates, no matter you are fresher or an employed professional to get your requirement and expectations fulfilled in best ways.


Our experienced faculties are very friendly in approach, therefore, it is not only during the training classes, but you can also get their guidance out of your regular classes.


Adding to our credit our advanced infrastructure and lab facilities will further create you a wonderful learning environment at our Think IT institute in Chennai.


If you are looking to know more about our training programs and courses in Python and get your inquiries answered, please feel free to contact our support executives, who are ready to assist you round the clock.


  • Introduction
  • Program structure
  • Need of Python


Execution steps
  • Interactive Shell
  • IDE
  • script files


Memory management
  • Object creation
  • Object deletion
  • Properties of Objects


Data types and operations
  • Numbers
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Strings
  • List
  • Core otherTypes


Statements and Syntax
  • Assignments
  • Expressions
  • prints
  • While loop
  • Iterations
  • For Loop
  • Comprehensions
  • If tests and Syntax Rules


File Operations
  • File Opening
  • Using Files


  • Function definition
  • call
  • Function Objects
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Server Model object
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Arguments


Modules and packages
  • Module Creations
  • Usage of modules
  • Script and Module comparision
  • Importing and Creation Package
  • Module Search Path


Sharepoint application development
  • Classes
  • Classes calls
  • instances
  • Bound and Unbound Methods
  • Operator Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Compositions
  • Static method
  • Class Method
  • Polymorphism


#MODULE – 10
Exception handling
  • Exception Default Handler
  • Exception raise
  • Exception User
  • Catching Exceptions


#MODULE – 11
Advanced concepts
  • Decorators
  • Iterates
  • Co routines
  • Generators


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