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Salesforce, a popular cloud service provider presents various types of cloud service for businesses including CRM management, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and many others. These services help to build and deploy apps in platform. This supports the businesses to provide fast and prompt solutions to the customers. Besides, it also supports the businesses to provide outstanding customer services without any compromise on cost.


Started as SaaS – Software as a Service, now, Salesforce offers multiple software solutions on several platforms for both the users and developers to develop and use the custom software. This, therefore, creates an opportunity to share the technology among the customers, along-side helping the organization to focus the latest innovations.


Why Salesforce?

Here are a few reasons why Salesforce is widely used:

  • It helps to focus more on creating apps than building infrastructure and tools to build app
  • It helps to quickly form an idea to develop app
  • It is absolutely unique for the reasons – Fast, Easy and Effective
  • Highly user-friendly with the choice to customize according to your business requirements
  • Constantly updated with on-demand and advanced technology

These factors indeed create a huge requirement for certified Salesforce developers by the medium and large-sized developing companies around the globe.


Salesforce Training in Chennai


Salesforce training Covers
Salesforce Admin Training
Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Consultant and Salesforce Architect Training. – Topics.
If you have get exede with above courses, you can efficiently get placed in
Salesforce discipline within 30 days


Attend the following Certifications by the
Completion of Salesforce Course.
Administration Essential for new Admin (ADM201)
Administration Essential for Experienced Admin (ADM211)
Building Application with
Apex & Visualforce Controllers (DEV501)
Sales Cloud Consultant
Service Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Architect


Leading Features
  • Admirable Infrastructure
  • Excellent Trainers
  • 8+ years of Experience
  • Highly standard Training.
  • Real Time Use cases
  • Material Soft copy
  • Installation Steps
  • Real Time Project
  • Unlimited Lab Access
  • Convenience Practice facility
  • Soft Skill Development
  • Authorized Exam center
Topics Covered
  • Sales Cloud, Field Types
  • Salesforce objects
  • Creating Buttons, Links and Auctions
  • Process & Schema Builder
  • Validation Rules
  • Workflow Rules
  • Dashboard, Data Management
  • Lightning Components
  • Security COntrols
  • AppExchange,Communities
  • User Interface
  • Application Lifecycle


Salesforce Certification from Think IT

Understanding the present industry scenario of the increasing demand for certified Salesforce experts, Think IT takes all measures and efforts to provide the most advanced training curriculum to the candidates. No matter you are a graduate or a professional who is already employed with relevant industry expertise, our Salesforce basic to advanced level training program can still offer you something more that can certainly help you excel in your career.

As the proven fact, companies that employ certified Salesforce specialists experience smooth deployments and better use of the Salesforce platform. Therefore, getting certified it is not only the candidate achieves his/her career goal but it is also the company that gains increased performance in their activities and project.

Besides our carefully designed curriculum that matches the present industry requirements and trends, we also provide essential practical training that is crucial for a candidate to handle any tough and challenging real-time projects.


Advantage of gaining Salesforce Proficiency

Gaining proficiency in Salesforce is the most desirable skill, which the present job market, especially in the development zone requires. Salesforce is considered to be the primary technology that is used widely by e-commerce businesses. This application offers the most valuable solution for the sales team and digital marketing industry, by means of providing fundamental automation tools.


A Salesforce certification can fetch the job roles like:

  • Salesforce administrator
  • Salesforce developer
  • Wave analytics
  • Salesforce integration developer
  • Salesforce lightning developer and
  • SFDC developer


Our Training Video Reviews


Think IT Training Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.


Who benefits from our Salesforce Training and Certification Program?

Think IT offers the Salesforce training program with the core focus of benefiting every individual candidate who strives hard to enter into a progressing career and industry, including the fresh graduates. However, our training program also benefits specialized professionals like;

  • Business analysts
  • Architects
  • App builders
  • Consultants
  • Business administrators
  • Business analysts
  • Salesforce administrators
  • Techno-function analysts
  • Salesforce developers and others


Core Objective of Our Training Program

Although Think It designs the Salesforce training program with the focus of benefiting all aspiring candidates, it is further enhanced with the advanced level programs with the core objectives as follow:

  • Help every candidate to master Salesforce Development and administration in a comprehensive way
  • Hands-on practices and customized study materials will help you successfully obtain the certification and get placed as you desired
  • Learn how to configure Salesforce, which is crucial to collect, analyze and retrieve data accurately, especially that are related to customer base
  • Learn platform, which is essential to develop and deploy the next-generation Cloud apps

Salesforce Training Duration


Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening


  • Time Duration : 45 hours
Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays


  • Time Duration : 9 weeks
Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)


  • Time Duration : 2 weeks



What Will You Learn?

Here are the key skills that you will learn from our Salesforce training program:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Platform
  • Various Editions of
  • Multi-tenant environment
  • Signup account
  • MVC pattern
  • Data Modelling / Management
  • Organization setup
  • User setup
  • Security
  • Business logic / process automation
  • Reporting
  • App deployment
  • Chatter
  • Desktop / mobile administration
  • Service Cloud applications
  • Sales Cloud applications
  • Content / Folder management
  • Activity management
  • Data Types
  • Triggers
  • Data Manipulation
  • Project integration
  • Visual force and more


Our curriculum ensures that every individual candidate learns and masters the complete concept of Salesforce. You will learn to configure Salesforce, collect, analyze and retrieve vital information that is associated with customer base. Our study materials and enormous hands-on practices will help you become knowledgeable both theoretically and practically, which is crucial to handle a real-time challenge with full confidence.


Salesforce Free Resources


Salesforce Future Growth and Perspective
Salesforce Interview Questions
Salesforce 1000 Sample Projects
Salesforce Infographics,Videos and much more resources


Confirmation in Security
  • Activation in system for CRM


  • Setting up Admin options
  • User Interface


Administration in an Organization of CRM
  • Setting up language
  • Currency management in an organization


  • How to tackle with custom profiles and custom fields
  • Explain dependent pick lists
  • How to manage lookup fields and formula fields
  • Page layouts
  • Standard related lists
  • Types of Record
  • Process in a business
  • Security level


Security in CRM5
  • Management of users
  • Setting up an organization with default
  • Record access
  • Role hierarchy
  • Transfer of a role
  • Function transfer
  • Folder access
  • Sharing model
  • Records in a share


  • Explain workflow
  • Rules in doing a workflow
  • Tasks in workflow
  • Task alerts


Approvals in a Workflow
  • Approvals in planning
  • Approval wizard
  • Innovating workflow approvals


Expansion of Salesforce CRM
  • Custom objects
  • Know about it
  • Web tabs
  • Constructing a custom app


APP Exchange
  • What is App Exchange
  • Installation
  • Deleting an app


Administration in Marketing
  • Overview of Terminology
  • Setting up for assignment
  • Auto response

Undoubtedly, our Salesforce training program will make you a complete professional by the time you are ready for your examination. Your certification with through knowledge will make you appear for an interview as an experienced Salesforce professional. This will increase your opportunities of getting placed in top positions and certainly with high salary packages.


Our Salesforce training program will enable every potential candidate to overcome all the challenges and streamline the marketing and sales process of a business. The right training program from skilled faculties and expert team can certainly help you gain the required industry knowledge. Think IT in this axis takes all measures to ensure that our candidates achieve a perfect training, which majorly focuses on individual attention paid by our faculties. This direct interaction, which happens in a friendly approach, further encourages our candidates to learn better and gain all essential skills that are crucial to perform as a successful Salesforce specialist in the industry.


It is not only theory and training program we offer our candidates, but also provide counseling by the end of the course. This counseling helps all our candidates to channelize their job search and approach the right company to get placed as they desire.


Our support executives and faculties, who are also industry professionals, are always ready to provide you required information about job placement and further certification.
You are also flexible to choose your Salesforce training program by customizing the course according to your individual requirements.


We welcome all your inquiries.

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