Salesforce Architect Training in Chennai

What is a Salesforce Architect :

Salesforce Architect is designed program for experienced architects who are like to expand and demonstrate their skills and knowledge and improving their capabilities in the way of assessing customer architecture, high performance, designing secure and technical solutions on the way of producing


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Salesforce Architect Certification in Chennai – Be a certified person

Salesforce Architect Certification In Chennai plays a vital role in the Cloud Computing domain. The Salesforce certified Architect features and programs are specially designed for the technical Architects who want to demonstrate their career certification of knowledge.we will start from the very basics of what is a salesforce architect and ends up with the most advanced level. platform is used for the purpose of communicating technical solutions, designing trade off to the business stakeholders, that helps in providing a technical framework enables in Success and quality. Some of the ways including salesforce architect certification in Chennai are as follows,

  • Manage theirdevelopment lifecyclesin order to ensure the needed delivery of more highly securing solutions that are needed to optimize the performance and to built them.
  • Design a more technical architecture way of solutions that may be span withmultiple platformsincluding authentication and integration across the systems.
  • Articulate the designing considerations, benefits, trade off and the recommendations for thepurpose of architecture.


Course Content

Sales Metrics
  • Prospects
  • Retained customers
  • Number of open opportunities
  • Close rate
  • Renewal rate
  • Sales calls
  • Call per opportunity
  • New revenue
  • Recurring revenue
  • Time
  • Channel
  • Margin


Marketing Metrics
  • Campaigns
  • Customer retention rates
  • Responses
  • Purchases made
  • Revenue
  • Cost per interaction
  • New customers
  • New leads
  • Product
  • Referrals of a customer


Other Industry Sources Metrics
  • Lead Volume
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Lead Value
  • Referrals
  • Retantion rate
  • Average Transaction Value
  • Account Value
  • Sales Value per Fan
  • Follower
  • Time to close
  • Highest value Lead Sources


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