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Prerequisite Skills for Advanced SAS
  • Bachelor degree is standard master degree is preferred
  • Degree in statistic and computer science or related fields


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Why Advanced SAS ?

Advanced SAS has been undisputed market leader in commercial analyst space the software offer huge array of statistical function has been good GUI(Enterprise Guide and Miner) for the people can learn quickly advanced sas and provide awesome technical support in our trainees. However it end up being the most expensive option and is not always enriched latest with Advanced sas courses in chennai.


SAS Scope

The scope Advance SAS is implemented 90 percentage of Fortune 500 companies and many other well known brands. Moreover, the demand of trained SAS professionals far outnumbers its availability. And, if you happen to be experienced, you will certainly be offered a good package Learn Advanced sas course


Why Should Learn Advanced SAS Courses
  • IT Professional & Geeks
  • Highest package of a SAS Analyst
  • Enhance credibility as technical professional
  • Earn industry recognition for their Learn Advanced sas course


Advanced SAS Training Duration

Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours


Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks


Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks


SAS System Basics
  • How to Accessing the SAS system
  • Navigating through the SAS window include the editor,log,and output window
  • Creating and executing SAS programs in batch and interactive mode
  • How understanding errors in the SAS log
  • Exploring program output


SAS Graph
  • What is producing vertical and horizontal bar chart with the GCHART procedure, VBAR and HBAR statement
  • Understanding char variables
  • Why using the RUN-group processing for multiple graph in the same session
  • Understanding option to tailor graph,such as DISCRETE,SUMVAR=, and TYPE=


SQL Processing With a SAS
  • What is PROC in SQL basic?
  • How to Written PROC SQL steps
  • What is selecting columns
  • Specify a tables
  • Specifying sub setting criteria


Performance Of Advanced Queries Uses Of SQL PROC
  • View Select statement
  • Display all columns
  • How to Limiting numbers of row displayed
  • Eliminate duplicating rows from an output
  • How to enhancing the query output


How To Combining Table Horizontal Proc SQL
  • Understand of join
  • Generating an cartesian products in PROC
  • How to create inner join & outer join-styles
  • Uses of outer join & inner join
  • Joining the multiple table & views


Combine Of Table Vertically
  • Understand of set operation
  • Uses of Except set Operators
  • Uses of Interselect set Operator
  • Comparing outer union & other SAS technique


SQL Processing With SAS & Create Manage Table Uses Of Proc SQL
  • Understand Methods of a Creating Table
  • How to Create an empty tables Defined Column
  • Display the structures of a tables
  • Why Create an Empty Tables that like other tables


  • Understand of Index
  • Deciding the whether to a creating an Index
  • Create an index
  • Manage index Usages
  • Drop the indexes


Managing Process Using proc-SQL
  • Specify SQL option
  • Control the Executions
  • Control the output
  • Testing & evaluating performance
  • Uses dictionary table


SAS Macro Languages Introduction Of Macro Variable
  • Basic concept
  • How to use Automatic macro variable
  • User-define macro variable
  • What is processing Macro variable


  • How to make a macro variables at the time of DATA steps execution
  • Why an Creating Multiple Macro variable during DATA steps executions
  • Reference of  Macro variable indirectly
  • Obtaining the Macro Variable Values During DATA Step Execution


  • What is Develope and debugging macro
  • How to use Macros parameter
  • Understand symbol table


  • Understanding Session compile macro
  • Store macro definition in the  external file
  • Store macro Definitions in catalogue SOURCE Entry


SAS Programming III Advanced Techniques & Efficiency
  • How create beachmark computer resource the usage
  • Uses of control memory
  • How to created I/O resource
  • CPU resource


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