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Today with infinite numbers of software applications being developed, the testing process becomes an integral part of the production cycle. However, the types of software testing to apply will depend on several factors such as timeline, number of software applications to be tested, project requirements, suitability, availability of human resources for manual testing, and of course, not the least, the budget of the project. Indeed, regardless of the type of software testing to be chosen, assuring the quality of final software product produced is crucial.

The importance of software testing cannot be ignored when it comes to quality. This emphasizes the need to employ professional and skilled software testers and automated testing tools according to the requirements. In this axis, both manual testing and automated Selenium testing brings the equal importance of employing a skilled software tester. This, in turn, stresses on the need for the employer to recruit certified software testers, who have undergone formal training from reputable software testing training institution.

Unquestionably, an advanced training program in software testing, both manual and automated testing courses can create ample placement opportunities for the qualified candidates. Think IT is one of the renowned manual and selenium software testing training centers in Chennai to provide outstanding programmes to the candidates.

Manual and Selenium Testing

Before you attempt to choose your testing training program, understanding the importance and differences of manual and selenium testing is crucial. Here follow a brief and few distinguish between manual and selenium testing:


Manual Testing:
  • This testing process is executed manually by the software tester without the need for tools or scripts
  • This testing process is best used for exploratory testing, where logical and analytical skills along with creativity and intuition is required
  • This is used when usability testing needs to be performed such as to measure the user-friendly feature and convenience of using the software product
  • Ad-hoc testing, which is an unplanned testing approach, where the tester need to understand certain important factors during the process


Selenium Testing:
  • This testing process is executed automatically using scripts, software and tools
  • This process is applied during regression testing. It suits where frequent code changes occur and run regressions on time/li>
  • It supports performing load testing, which makes the process efficient
  • Selenium testing appears to be the right choice when there is a need for repeated execution of task arise


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Course Duration of Selenium
Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours


Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks


Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks



Manual and Selenium Testing Training Program

Think IT designs and presents the manual and Selenium testing training programs to suit the present job industry scenario and recruiter’s expectations. Our specially designed course can enhance your career opportunities in software testing. You will get an opportunity to learn software testing covering multiple areas, which is crucial to qualify you as a professional software tester.


Key Highlights of our Software Testing Programs:
  • Our advanced software testing course feeds the demanding requirements of candidates who are obsessed with finding a wonderful opportunity in the testing industry
  • You will gain a solid foundation in both manual and automated testing
  • Our real-time practices will make you become skilled and confident to handle original project soon you are employed
  • You will become expert in writing a test script, execute test scrips, and enormous knowledge on all elements of manual and Selenium testing
  • Gain the skill to implement automation framework web tests by your own using various programming languages
  • You will become familiar with Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid and Selenium WebDriver

Our software testing program suit any graduate seeking to enter software testing industry. it also suits the professionals who are already employed but want to enhance their skills and knowledge according to the present industry trend. This increases your opportunity to get placement in a high position with excellent salary package.


What Will You Gain from our Manual and Selenium Testing Training?
  • You will become familiar with STLC processes
  • You become skilled to develop test data and test cases
  • You will become skilled to develop Java-based Scripts
  • You will become skilled with Selenium IDE / Selenium WebDriver
  • You will become familiar with test frameworks of Selenium

Along-side, our candidates will also achieve the competitive advantage in enhancing and starting their career in software testing. We will provide continuous training and real-time projects to our candidates in:

  • Software development life cycle
  • Manual testing
  • Functional testing
  • Test closure
  • SDLC levels / Models
  • System testing
  • Report and track defect
  • Develop a life cycle of software testing


Why should you choose Manual and Selenium Certification Corse?

Besides knowing the importance and essence to choose the manual and selenium testing training program, here are a few facts, which will further emphasize your career strength:

  • In next 3 years about 11% of the job placement in software testing industry is expected to increase
  • The need for skilled and certified Selenium automation engineer is significantly increasing
  • Selenium testing support various programming language including Java, Perl, PHP, C+, Python and others, which makes it be an effective tool for software testing


How Think IT differ from other Software Testing Institutions?

Here are a few reasons that certainly make us unique from other testing training institutions in Chennai:

  • Expert team of highly skilled faculties, who are also professional software testers
  • One-on-one training to pay individual attention
  • Customized topics to suit individual candidate requirements and interest
  • Fast track / weekend classes for both busy professionals and regular candidates
  • Round the clock online support
  • Ample hands-on practices and real-time projects
  • Highly affordable and reasonable fee structure
  • We create opportunities to take part in workshops and increase your exposure
  • We have successfully trained over thousand candidates who are now aspiring professionals in top companies
  • Our training program will certainly gain you enormous practical and theoretical knowledge

Think IT extends our support to all candidates in every aspect of selecting their right manual and Selenium testing training program. We provide consultation to you, which enables you to achieve a clear idea about your career and channelize by selecting our advanced testing program.

We are available 24/7. We welcome all your inquiries.

To know more about our manual and selenium testing courses,

email to us at [email protected]

Or call our support team at  09566182378

Or call our support team at 09566182378


Selenium Free Resources
Selenium Download and Configuration Link It’s Absolutely Free
Selenium Job Oppurtunities in Chennai
Selenium for Mobile
Selenium Interview Questions
  • Introduction of selenium
  • Components of selenium
  • Advantages of selenium
  • How it differs from other automation tools
  • Overview of Testing framework
  • Overview of Eclipse


Selenium Architecture
  • Web driver Architecture
  • Brief explanation about advantages of web driver.
  • Web driver vs. Selenium RC
  • Selenium RC Architecture


Locator Techniques
  • Introduction about locator concept
  • X Path techniques explanation with different kind of real time scenarios.
  • Brief explanation of different locator techniques


Selenium IDE
  • Download and Installation
  • Convert the IDE script into RC script
  • Validate the locator value using IDE
  • Record and playback techniques


Selenium Setup
  • Explanation of step by step instructions for setup
  • Integration of eclipse and Testing
  • Selenium RC
  • Start the selenium server
  • Write the basic script of Selenium RC
  • Brief explanation of commands in selenium RC
  • Basics of Annotations in Testing
  • How to execute the different ways and look the results


Web Driver
  • Web driver setup
  • More programming techniques in web driver
  • Create our own methods in web driver
  • Project structure organization
  • Using RC commands from web driver project
  • Handling different browsers
  • Migration of selenium – 1 code to selenium – 2
  • Detailed discussion about web driver commands


  • About Testing framework and testing
  • Grouping the test cases
  • Assertions
  • Suite execution from command prompt without eclipse
  • Verifications
  • Parameter configurations
  • Create customized report using testing & Java
  • Parallel script execution
  • Suite creation methodology
  • Report generation
  • Listeners in testing
  • Testing Configuration
  • Annotation concept and different types


Auto IT
  • Need of Auto IT tool
  • Converting AU3 file to exe file
  • Calling Auto IT script from selenium project
  • Basics of Auto IT tool and create simple script


Auto IT
  • Need of Auto IT tool
  • Converting AU3 file to exe file
  • Calling Auto IT script from selenium project
  • Basics of Auto IT tool and create simple script


#MODULE – 10
Selenium Grid
  • Introduction of selenium Grid
  • Script changes for Selenium grid execution
  • Parallel execution using grid
  • Simple script execution using grid
  • Installation and setup of Hub and node


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