Best SQL server DBA training in Chennai 

Learn from the bestsql server dba training in Chennaiwith sql server dba certificationfrom the IT expert to become an SQL server DBA professional over a short duration. Our institute provides sql server dba coursealong with the placements and here are the few aspects which makes our institute thebest sql server dba training in Chennaiamong the other institute.


Features in our Institute:

  • Our Trainers are from MNCs have already done withsql server dba certification and also having 8+ years of experience.
  • We provide only 2 to 3 students in a batch to support slow learners and the classes will be more interactive.
  • The course timing can be allocated according to thestudents flexible timingas our institute is having different time slots as weekdays, weekends and fast track classes.
  • Our >sql server dba course contents has been framed in such a way that the fresher can also understand it.
  • Software will be provided for the students at the start of the course and also the students can access our lab at free of cost.
  • Free demo classes will be provided before going for admission.
  • There are lot of openings for sql server dba jobs in Chennai. so, theplacement oriented classeswill be taken during the course duration like mock interviews and so on.
  • Our lab is fully equipped with updated latest version software.

The above said features are available in our institute. So, learn sql Database administration from our institute to reach your career target.


Basic SQL Server
  • Architecture of SQL server
  • Techniques of database
  • Principles of designing tables
  • Security data and views
  • Performances and indexes
  • Stored tuning and procedures
  • Limitations and functions
  • Index selectivity
  • Object systems and metadata
  • Types of DML and DDL
  • Properties of ACID transactions
  • Issues and usage of cursors
  • Query hints
  • Memory and locks transactions


Basic Administration
  • Levels of transaction isolations
  • Deadlocks and issues in blocking
  • Tuning and strategy partitioning
  • Backup tuning and strategies
  • Recovery and restore options
  • Techniques of replication
  • Issues and shipping log
  • Monitoring of database
  • Performance tuning of SQL server
  • Issues in troubleshooting
  • Management of issues and security
  • Measures of handling error
  • Indirect check points
  • SSIS package optimizing
  • Cloning of database
  • Techniques of import and export


Advanced Administration
  • Signatures and certificates
  • Security keys
  • Cryptography
  • Implementation of server broker
  • Tuning and troubleshooting service
  • Tuning and troubleshooting query
  • Tuning advisor engine DB
  • SQL server filter
  • Procedures of data movement
  • SSIS and plan maintenance
  • Alerts and mails of database
  • Management based policy
  • Database upgrades
  • Memory and IO issues
  • SSIS package optimizing


Overview of sql server dba training chennai

Here we are going to discuss about the sql server course and also about the real time need for it. First of all entering into the SQL server DBA as a junior is not an simple task. Assql server dba jobs in Chennaiis expecting for years of experience in SQL Server is the necessary requirement.

If a person working withWindows Server Administratorwill be tasked with the businesses SQL Server, as the result of a DBA having left the company or through the training opportunities within the organisation. They will be provided with the necessary experience over the job on their existing role in order to become a Junior SQL server DBA. The sql server dba training videos will support you to learn more about thesql dba training in Chennai.


Need for sql dba training in Chennai

Apart learning from thesql server dba training chennaithere are few steps need to follow to become a successful SQL server DBA.

Step 1 : Building a strong foundation.

Step 2 : Getting experience.

Step 3 : Get organised.

The computerized databases in today’s organizations is designed, implemented, supported and maintenanced using DBA (Database Administrators). For future growth the DBA also includes architecting, building and scaling database also it supports the users and customers on the following aspects,

  • Security
  • Performance and
  • Availability.


sql dba training in Chennaiis a software system that allows you to build SQL servers and host many stable and strong databases on those services. SQL Server DBA will consist of each and every tiny, enormous databases starts from simple user accessing them to many usersutilizing the application.


SQL Server DBAis essentially for all aspects of database administration includes the following,

  • Performance monitoring,
  • Documenting the procedures and standards,
  • Tuning, design, and supporting the new business processes.


As of all the task of adatabase administratoris to safeguard the data.

sql server dba training chennai will helps you understanding the Design and implementation and assisting the highly available production systems according to the definition and implementation of database standards.


Prove your technical skill with sql server dba certification in chennai

Learnsql dba training in Chennaito appear for certification. There are lot of reasons to take the sql server dba certification exam 70-432 as follows,

  • To improve the knowledge in server DBA.
  • To validate your knowledge during the course absorbed.
  • To know that you have studied over the correct path.


Tips to prepare for the examination:

These are the tips to be followed before appearing for the examination,

  • Before going for the certification exam do the things given below,
  • Know the requirement of exams and test yourself how strong you are in the particular topics.
  • Get the sql dba course details take a note of the unfamiliar subject.
  • Go through the lot of sql server dba training videos available online at free of cost to know more about it.
  • Do an exercise test at the end of each and every topics.
  • Go for a practice test before going for certification examination.
  • Enter for the sql server dba certification examination.

The corporate is demanding for thecertified professions. The certification is purely to test the technical knowledge of every individual. So, learn from the best sql dba training in Chennai to improve your knowledge and to clear the examination at the first shot.


Simply learning SQL server DBA is not so important but getting knowledge from thebest sql server dba training in Chennaiis very much important.


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