Unix shell scripting training in Chennai

Unix Shell Scripting Training in Chennaiis provided by our institute with an main Objective of producing Quality education to the students. we also offer unix shell scripting certification in chennai with an most excellent training syllabus. Our training provides the basic knowledge and skills for the developers who are new to theUNIX OS- Operating Systemwith the help of hands on exercises. ThisUNIX Shell Scripting training in Chennaicourse includes the whole workshop in which students will implement and design the shell scripts which can be able to connect to the database and run theSQL Scripts as well.Think ITis rated as the bestUnix Shell Scripting Training in Chennaiwith more in depth and practical approach in both UNIX and LINUX system admin. we will help students in Practical sense in bothUNIX and LINUX shell scriptingcommands on a real server from the computer. And well designed hands on training is provided for this Unix shell scripting course that are designed with basics to the most advanced concepts. We provide unix shell scripting tutorial and unix shell scripting pdf for easy understanding of the course.


Introductio to shell scripting
  • Meaning of shell scripting?
  • Shell scripting – Importance
  • Various methods of  shells
  • Knowing Shell script
  • Compiling and execution of C and C++ programs
  • Unix-Shell Scripting


Character variables
  • Meaning of Variable
  • System variables
  • Environment files
  • User variables
  • Constant variables
  • Local variables
  • Global variables
  • Authorized variables


  • Arithmetic variables
  • Relational operators
  • Logical operators
  • Making shell scripting
  • Shell input
  • Output
  • Working operators


  • Commands in File test
  • Commands in String test
  • Exit commands
  • Sleep commands
  • Arguments in Command line


Job scheduling- various types of files
  • Regular Files
  • Directory Files
  • Device Files


Basic Commands
Creating users & groups
System startup & shutdown

Unix uses the shells to accept all the commands that are given by the end user, there are a very quite and a few different shells available. Unix scripting classes focus on the most and commonly used shells areCSH – C Shell , SH – Bourne Shell, KSH – Korn Shelland all other shells that are encountered will be more variant of all these shells and will share the same syntax, TCSH is based on CSH and KSH is based on SH and so it is BASH. Unix shell scripting programsare based on the updated one.


Unix shell scripting certification in Chennai – get certified from experts

Unix Shell Scripting Certification in chennaiis also made by our well experienced certified trainers. In order to get certified in this Unix Shell Scripting, students must have deep knowledge in this domain. A Unix Shell Scripting is a kind ofhuman readable range of text filethat are containing a group of all commands that could be manually executed as a step by step processes at anUNIX OS operating system.They can be kept in an file because they contain too many command prompt at each and every time and helping in performing a specific task . In OurUNIX Shell Scripting Certification in chennaiwe provide the whole guidance for your certification. This various Shells have all the built in functions that allows to create the scripts, stringing together of all the shell related commands and constructs the automatic orders to make it easier. With all these different kinds of available shells we offer you an training in this Unix Shell Scripting Training in Chennai


Unix shell scripting online training in Chennai – Learn from wherever you are

We offer online way of training by Ourunix shell scripting online training in Chennai, this training will be same as that of the normal classroom training, the main advantage and benefits of Online training provides, videos can be saved and can be referred for future use. The fee structure for our unix shell scripting online training in Chennai will be same as that of the ordinary course fee . This unix shell scripting course describes all about the creation of the features and thesyntax of the UNIX shellthat focus on most popular things. We cover all the aspects of both theUNIX and the LINUX training syllabus.our training not only train you in the technology but also our trainers will implement all the aspects with the real time implementations in gaining practical skills and the needed knowledge to face the end users by implementing a better solutions for their career. We also provideStudy materials, well designed lab manuals and practice exercises. We make them as an IT professionals. We also offer unix shell scripting tutorial and unix shell scripting pdf for the beginners to get an deep knowledge in it.


Ourunix shell scripting training in chennaiwill fulfill the needs of the students and will be beyond their expectations, we offer 100% placement for the students producing quality training.


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