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What is Veritas and Veritas Cluster?

A single VCS cluster consists of multiple systems connected in numerous combos to shared storage devices. VCS monitors and controls applications running within the cluster, and restarts applications in response to a range of hardware or computer code faults. shopper applications continue operation with very little or no period.
Shopper workstations receive service over the general public network from applications running on the VCS systems. VCS monitors the systems and their services. Veritas cluster training in Chennai to know systems within the cluster communicate over a personal network.


Veritas Training

Veritas Training in Chennai Covers
VERITAS Volume Manager – Topics.
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After finishing this VMware Certification Program you
can receive below certifications
Veritas certified professional (VCP)
Salient Features
  • Study material
  • The course fees will be affordable
  • Soft copy will be provided
  • Utilize maximum hardware
  • Installation and Simplified Management
  • Planned Downtime Reduction
  • Broad Application Support
  • Individual support
  • Single solution Architecture
  • Test before disaster strike
  • Disaster recovery lan
Topics Covered
  • Veritas Cluster Concepts
  • Components of Cluster
  • List of Service Group
  • Application in cluster
  • Dependencies in service group
  • Availability of data center
  • Network storage concepts
  • Advanced techniques and operations in VERITAS
  • Managing and organizing data
  • Advanced Techniques and Operations in VERITAS
  • Basic Operations


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Veritas Training Duration

Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours


Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks


Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks



Veritas Netbackup

Big business class forcement and co-operation, VERITAS NetBackup Training Enterprise Server programming is proposed to help offer complete learning security for the premier progressedUNIX working framework,Windows, Linux and NetWare situations.


Natural graphical client interfaces help change associations to deal with all parts of reinforcement and recuperation and to help keep up predictable reinforcement arrangements that square measure conveyed over the systems.


Volume Manager

Volume Manager defines as the VxVM develop the volume utilizing virtual objects of VM circles, plate bunches, subdisks, and plexes.These virtual items can composed effectively utilizing vxassist order to make new volume.Here we are going to see about how to make another volumes with distinctive design and volume redundancy.


In the end of the article we perceive how to demolish the volume in subtle elements. we have arranged diskgroup with the name of UXDG. We provide veritas volume manager training institutes in Chennai.


  • Introduction to Veritas
  • Define Veritas Terminology
  • Administering Veritas Configuration
  • Veritas Concepts and Functions
  • Define Veritas Server


Veritas Cluster
  • Introduction to Clustering Server concept
  • cluster terminology
  • How Cluster server works
  • Functions of cluster data center
  • Admin the cluster
  • Various systems in administration
  • Importance and Resources of VCS
  • How to Troubleshooting VCS


Veritas Netbackup
  • Veritas Net backup Overview
  • How Netbackup Datacenter works
  • What is Netbackup Terminology
  • Define the types of Veritas Ports
  • Types of Netbackup ports
  • Various Sites in Netbackup Terminology


Veritas Volume Manager
  • Overview of volume manager
  • Veritas Volume manager concept
  • Define Physical disks
  • What is Logicals disks
  • What is Disks Groups
  • How VM Disks and Plexes works
  • Multiplexing of Volume manager


Cluster Service Group
  • Service Group Overview
  • Types of service groups
  • What is Failover server groups
  • Define Parallel Service groups
  • Hybrid Service group


Disk Operation
  • How to Naming a Scheme using veritas
  • Understanding the New disks operates
  • Disks in various control
  • What is Mirror Volume
  • Define Striped Volume and manage


Netbackup Server
  • Define Security and Management
  • How Storage Networking Maintenance
  • Define Data Protection and Reporting
  • Stripe Mirror and Initialize the volume


Advanced Operates and Volume Manager
  • How System boot disk from the mirror volume
  • Using disk drive without data objects
  • Volume Snapshot of disk operations
  • Using Volume snapshot
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